HumanN Frother

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No Shaker. No Spoon. No Problem.

There are shakers, there are spoons, and then there’s the HumanN Frother. If you’ve ever tried to mix your powder with water only to have most of it splash onto your kitchen counter, this Frother is for you. Supporting your heart-health should be the easiest (and cleanest) part of your day.

Whether you’re mixing up SuperBeets® Original, Energy Plus, HeartGreens, or BeetElite®, the HumanN Frother will create the perfect texture and consistency—no clumps here.    

Key Benefits:  

  • No spoon or shaker needed
  • Avoid the mess of stirring manually
  • Smooth consistency. No clumps
  • Convenient, portable – for support on the go

How to Use:  

Scoop your favorite HumanN product and pour gently into a glass. Fill the glass with the recommended ounces of water. Place the Frother into liquid and power it on. Froth until thoroughly blended. Power off, drink, and enjoy the benefits!